Orange House

“The home that showed me what recovery is about.”


          Our beautiful Orange house was orignally built in 1963 and has since been remodeled to become a soberliving in 2016. Trinity House was formed to provide a safe place for women to retreat to when beginning a journey to recovery. The house offers beds for up to six women in recovery. The location is ideal, being a short drive from local community colleges, job oppurtunities, and the beach, our Orange house has the perfect setup for a woman beginning her path to early recovery. Located in beautiful Orange County California.


“Working with these women has given me a purpose.”


         Girls coming in to our Orange location will immediatly be able to recongnize the presence of recovery and structure that we as staff uphold. Nobody's voice will go unheard, and no issue regarding a woman's concerns will ever be brushed off. You are urged as a member of our community to participate and include yourself in all of our activities, and to push yourself in your own personal recovery.



           Pricing for sober living can vary. All potential residents should contact us immediately for an affordable quote on sober living residency. See our contact page to find out what will work for your situation.